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  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Not very good customer service. Had to wait at least 30 minutes for the artist to "get ready" aka take a smoke break and fiddle around. Artwork okay.

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    My girlfriend had an appointment with the shop owner HOMER at 4:00 p.m. to start a very detailed back piece. We sat there for 2 hours before we got started. That was a little frustrating and should have been the first red flag. He acted like it was no big deal and didn't even offer an apology. When we finally did get started every free second he got he was on his phone texting and checking his facebook. He made us feel like he didn't care about the tattoo at all. He also changed the design with out asking us. He said it would flow better so we trusted him since he was the "artist". We should have stuck with the original design. We managed to get the outline done. When I got home and got a chance to look at it I noticed his lines were not straight or consistent! We paid HOMER $300 to mess up her tattoo!!!! Now we have to pay another artist to fix it!!!

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    I came here about 4 months ago for a navel piercing I called first to ask if there was an appt needed for piercing and I was told there wasn't.

    There's not a lot of parking at this place but its sufficient. The person who helped me when I walked was fairly nice but seemed rather stuck up. He answered all my questions, & once he started sterilizing the jewelry picked out he finally looks at the area he's working with (my navel) and tells me he can't pierce it! Something about the shape of my belly button (that I would describe as an outtie-innie: somewhat out at the top and in at the bottom) and if he did pierce it my body would reject it... -___-

    I was very disappointed. I kinda wished he would've looked to see if he could it before I fueled out paperwork and picked out jewelry and before he sterilized that jewelry. That would've saved some time.

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