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    Went today for the first time; Jarrod cut my hair.
    Fantastic place for a proper, barbershop cut; the hot shave edge-up is a nice touch.
    Showed Jarrod a quick picture of what I wanted, and he made it happen.
    Will definitely be back in a few weeks!

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    Great place for a man's haircut. I move a lot and always try to convince myself thy going to any old salon (Supercuts) for a cut isn't so bad. Then I wind up paying roughly $35 for a haircut I don't really like and grows in funny a week later.
    --Every time it makes me a grumbletonian, and I remember, "Use your brain-canister. Get to a real gentleman's barber shop and get a real man's haircut."

    It is important to remember these guys have barber's licenses just for cutting men's hair and they're hilarious to chew the fat with Jared, Bart, and Joe. Laid back atmosphere where you can --...

    I can't say much about their ink department, but I can say that I am not the only one from the Midtown area who will be going back regularly for my haircuts. This place is great and is a cut above of air for all men. Very happy to see they're expanding and adding a few additional chairs. Hope they never go out of business.
    9/10. Highly recommended.

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    This place is awesome. Recommended by one of my friends to get away from all the girl salons around town and go to a real barber shop. People were awesome. Haircut was awesome. And will be a forever customer. It gets busy seeing a line forming before they opened but came back later that afternoon and didn't have to wait long.

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