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    Whoo de whooo!

    Thank goodness I found this salon right in my work back yard! I had been going to Aisha's as that was the only one I thought was remotely near to work (it's not). She's got a cute little set up in Greenspoint Mall which is trying it's darndest to lose it's current image. The prices online were more expensive than what she was actually charging - $10 for eyebrows which is normal and what I got. She did a fabulous job on my beastly brows and didn't try to up sell me like some other places ( them "and would you like me to take care of your upper lip, the hair on your cheeks, your sideburns, your neck?")

    She was extremely fast and surprisingly, it hurt less than usual. Her shop is right in the middle  area of Greenspoint, close to where the guest services is. I went after work around 5 and there was a security guy driving around the lot so I felt like my car was relatively safe.
    This place (with high points for location) will definately be a regular for me.

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