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    Twice (or maybe three times... at least twice) now I've hired Jumana Bootwala for an annual youth event held at my Unitarian Universalist church that draws about 50-70 teenagers from a handful of states. She is fantastic. Over the course of two and a half hours about twenty-five youth were able to get small-medium designs. She works quickly and efficiently. She brought along multiple binders with pictures of previous work, but was also willing to discuss new "custom" ideas.

    Also, Jumana is REALLY nice. She was great to work with from the perspective of someone hiring her for an event (good communication, reasonable rates, etc. etc.), but also really sweet on a more personal level. She remembered some of the things we talked about the first year and was able to ask about how specific things were going in my life the second year. So awesome!

    I highly suggest hiring Jumana. Great to work with.

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    Jumana and her daughter were the henna artists at my friend's Mehndi.  They worked for hours of a lot of people and all of their designs were gorgeous.  I've had henna done before but Jumana's work was both beautiful and done very quickly.  Her henna is perfumed with a light clove scent that was so much more pleasing than the henna scent I am used to.  She was able to translate a floral design I picked from her sample book of someone's foot, and wrap my hands and wrists in the delightful design.

    She was pleasant and fun to talk to while I was getting my design done (which took all of 4 minutes).  The rest of the bridal party also got equally intricate designs and we are still emailing each other about the number of people who are stopping us on the street to ask about them a week after the wedding.

    Wonderful job!!  Wish I were going to more indian weddings in Philly so I could get more of her henna designs on me!!!

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    Since my hand is on picture #2 I figured I just had to write a review praising my first Henna experience ever!

    After browsing through the many intricate and traditional designs I decided that I wasn't feeling flowery enough for most of them. After seeing a whole page for Chinese New Year designs I was psyched to go for my Monkey (because it's a freaking monkey!). But Jumana was honest and friendly enough to explain that she never did the design before, and that it probably wouldn't come out to the best of abilities.

    So instead I decided to be the pretentious one and get my astrological sign done on my hand. and the water bearing Aquarius is still looking dapper to this day.

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