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    You just have to step inside and you know you are in the right place.  There is art everywhere... more of the feeling of an art gallery than a tattoo shop.   Brett and Danny both do amazing work...  it well worth stopping by and getting an apointment.   Brett's work is also at: <a href="/redir?" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://brett.empirevault…</a>

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    I will shamefully admit I have yet to finish a piece from Brett that was started way too long ago. : /

    Zara's review will tell you everything you need to know about this place.

    But my .02 cents....
    Brett's work caught my eye while he was finishing up an arm piece on a good friend. Sooooo with an elaborate idea in my head and probably a messy description, Mr. Osborne got to work on what turned out to be 100x better than I imagined.
    Though my cover-up (original piece was done hastily as one may do at 17) back piece isn't finished I still get many many complements! Friends and strangers alike try to find what is being covered up :)

    These guys are artists, not only do I have first hand experience, I have a handful of friends that have had work from each of them. They care about their work and are professional.
    I didn't feel pressured or awkward for a moment.

    I have been in and out of many shops... solo, with friends, browsing, checking out what 'x' city has to offer, who did 'x' friend's work etc. etc. and hold (the guys @) Overboard Art way above anything else I've seen, period.

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    This is not your daddy's tattoo shop, this is Houston's only private only studio!  Easily overlooked in the alley across the street from Hugo's, with only a red door to even show anything's there.  

    Dont expect to pick any designs off the wall here.  Only beautiful and creative art adorns the walls of this humble and exclusive joint.  It is appointment only.  You come in and tell one of the artist's what you would like and they will create something designed just for you and set up an appointment to start working on it.

    The two artists here, Brett Osborne and Danny Zorilla , hold the titles of Houston Press Best Tattoo Artist 2007, editor and readers choice.

    Both artists stations are neat and clean and have tv's to watch movies while gettin' your work did. There's also one in the lobby for waiting clients or guests.

    The atmosphere here is very laid back, clean and professional.  Also because of their location there is never a stream of walk-in's meandering around.  It is mostly just the artists and their clients.

    Tattoo's only, no piercings.

    I have gotten work done here from Brett Osborne.  An amazing-fantastical-magestic-entertaining-and of course talented artist. Sometimes if you're lucky he may grace you with a little serenade sesh while tattooing.  

    Brett did my first ever tattoo.  A phoenix that extends from the top of my back all the way down to my thigh.  He was very happy to help design my tattoo and he executed it with the upmost skill and professional demeanor. Couldn't be happier with what I have receieved from him, and will continue gettin'.

    Danny also churns out badass tattoos.  So you can not go wrong with either of them.

    Best tattoo shop ever!!  But hey that's just my opinion.

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