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    I'm in love with Connie and her work. I went on Thursday to get my mother and I's eyebrows done. She's very professional and she is very sterile with all her equipment  and everything she even touches that she will be using on you, everything is wiped down and  wrapped up. She has a great sense of humor, which helps you relax a bit if you're a little nervous before hand. I love how she's a person that likes to get to know you (genuinely) and not a person that wants to get you in and out of there. I had a 2 month waiting period before I could schedule a back to back appointment for my mother and I, during that time period my mom was sadly diagnosed with breast cancer, and during the time she would be in recovery is when we were suppose to come in for our appointment. I gave a text to Connie about my moms situation and she was so nice and understanding enough to try to move other appointments around even though she was completely booked until November now. Although, luckily my mom was ready and out of surgery/recovery to make our original appointment. She did such a great job on our eyebrows and took the time to check every five minutes or so if she liked it and if I was happy with what was going on also. My mom was really happy about her turnout too, and she is one hard woman to impress, so Connie did and awesome job, she is worth the wait and I would totally recommend her like there is no tomorrow.

    Her prices are a bit expensive, but caught her on a groupon, which was SO AWESOME! so look out for those (;

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