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    Johnny jackson made my tattoo dreams come true. I travelled from Philly to Houston for his expertise and I am very happy!

    All the crew here were welcoming and there is plenty of killer artwork to look at.

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    Went here to check it out. I recently moved back to Houston and I am looking for a new tattoo artist/shop. I'm 99.9% certain this will be my new home away from home.

    We were promptly greeted at the door which doesn't always happen at tat shops. I know. I have searched dozens and dozens of tat shops all over the United States and Germany looking for that perfect shop and artist. I have 12 tats from two Continents and I've lost count of the number of States I have been tattooed in.

    This place is a class act. The artists are friendly, knowledgeable, and very talented. My wife and I spoke with Jesse and he was very excited about the ideas we have for our tattoos. The wait for an appointment with him is about 6 weeks. To me, that speaks volumes.  Others we spoke to yesterday at different shops cared only about cash payments and getting us in as quickly as possible. Seriously.

    The shop was clean, needles are used once and discarded, autoclave is regularly inspected. Many of the artists are award winners and they have the trophies, plaques and magazine covers to prove it.

    They will do flash if you ask but prefer custom pieces. Their portfolios are out on display so you can browse them and pick your artist. They charge $120 per hour which is more than reasonable for the quality of work you will receive. If you are a "four square" member be sure to check in there as well as on Yelp! for special deals.

    The only reason I didn't rate this a 5 star is because I haven't been inked yet. Once that happens I will post pics and change my rating. I'll bet your next tattoo on that!

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    This place seems to be great at first. The artists are talented. The environment is clean. And generally the attitude seems to be in check. But at the end of the day, this place still gets only one star for lack of understanding and communication.

    My girlfriend and I went into the shop yesterday (04/08/2012) to get some work done for her. She knew what she wanted, and told the artist who was going to be tattooing her. He comped it up real quick, and it looked great. They put the temporary on her, and she liked it. He started to tattoo her, and at first everything looked great, but then about half way through, we both looked over at her wrist (where she was getting the work done) and the artist had started to do this really elaborate shading/glow around the edge of the design.

    My girlfriend is not happy with this. It isn't what she wanted, and it wasn't ever discussed or on any of the preliminary designs/comps, and also wasn't part of the temporary that got put on her.

    The piece does look good, but it's not what SHE wanted, nor expected she was getting. This is the first rule of customer service oriented professions, and they broke it.

    These guys need to put their egos aside and start focusing on customer service. And even with a large ego, it's one thing to say "this is what I want to do with your design" and entirely another to say "I'm going to do this without even asking you first"

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