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    Kat is one of my favorite artists in Houston. She works extremely hard to make sure you leave with the perfect tattoo even though it might not be what you initially had in mind. She's kind about it, too. Some people will just say no but Kat patiently explains why which is so helpful. Her customer service is amazing and art is her passion and it shows.

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    Totally unprofessional. I went in for a consult one day, surprised to find it was someone's garage and I waited outside for awhile before someone let me in. Someone working there interrupted my consult and I was kept waiting for a long time. I was a bit put off, but the art looked good and the studio seemed clean, perhaps not as clean as I'd like but sterile instruments. However, the work being done was pretty average. I had a very personal design in mind, and the day of the work was important to me. I got flaked on an appointment I made the day of the appointment, which was annoying when I had planned my week around that. I decided to go somewhere more professional and they agreed to return my deposit. I have yet to have my deposit returned and it's been about a month since then. I'd pass if I were you.

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    First off - it's worth nothing that the shop is located on the same lot as a house.  It's in the garage behind a wooden gate on the driveway - just give Brett or Kat a call and they'll let you in.  The first time I stopped by for a visit/consultation, this confused me!

    Second, and I assume the main reason people read these reviews - the quality of work was fantastic.  Line work and shading is great and atmosphere is very professional.  I will go into more details later in the review.

    I received my third tattoo on my mid-upper back from Brett in January.  I cannot speak highly enough of how professional and friendly both Brett and Kat are.  When you're there, they make you feel like they've known you for quite some time and it's easy to talk to them about what you want and what ideas you have.

    I went to Brett with an idea of what I wanted but I was unsure about what size and what design.  I came to Brett with about 5-6 pictures of what I was leaning towards and asked his opinion.  He wants to cater to you and wants it to be what you want, but he offered me a confident opinion, one I'm very glad to have received.

    The shop itself is a very comfortable place and the ambiance, as I've described everything thus far, is very friendly.  Brett is very easy to get along with.

    Getting to the main reason you should give this place a shot, though, is that his work will leave you very happy you chose him.  I went to Brett because my girlfriend received a tattoo from him and it looked really good.  She chose him after looking through many artists and ultimately really liked his shading.  Right before I got my tattoo from him (outline for first session, need to set up the shading session soon), he finished the shading on my girlfriend's tattoo.  It came out very detailed and very vibrant.  She didn't know what color scheme she wanted and asked his opinion.  He just did his thing leaving her very glad she deferred to his opinion.  As I mentioned previously, he wants to do the tattoo the way you want it and will not pressure you into getting it done in a way you don't want to, but if you're at a loss of how to proceed, his experience and knowledge of the craft won't leave you disappointed.

    Oh and if a friend comes along while you get your tattoo, it's a really chill place to hang out with a lot of reading material and some great conversation to be had.

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