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    I received my foot tattoo from Johnny and I absolutely love it! And he was a great person to sit with for 2 hours, especially since that foot pain was intense!

    I recently went back, and will be going back in 3 days to get more done, to get a large arm piece with Tiffany after seeing her work through my newsfeed on Facebook.  It is amazing!  The amount of work she did, and the amazing quality, in 2 hours is unbelievable!  She also took my rough sketches and ideas and made them into an amazing tattoo.  She is also doing some cover up work for my boyfriend before my sleeve gets finished and we are both so stoked for that.  The pictures of her cover up work are great and you can never tell that her work is covering up something else; it is not just a blob of black over an old tattoo.  She is great to talk to, and she also uses this nice Novocaine spray that makes the second outline feel like light caresses.
    I highly recommend this place and both of those artists!!!

    Addition 9/14/2012:

    Tiffany is my favorite! I love her work and everything!  I can't believe I actually sat for 4.5 hours; she does book up fast & it is a big stretch in between tattoos, but it is so worth the wait.  I had my mermaid half-sleeve added to and it looks amazing!  I have another session booked for January (I wasn't kidding) and I am so anxious.  She also uses this wonderful numbing spray that makes sitting for so long well worth it.  She is great to talk to while being tattooed, and she has pretty awesome hair haha.  my fiance is going in a couple weeks, then after me in January.  So stoked!

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