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    Henna Happiness is a very unique, one of a kind new age type of gift shop. Besides the henna tattooing services, it had a lot of really interesting spiritual items which included healing crystals, very pretty jewelry, books, clothes, meditation/relaxation music cds and many other unusual and interesting items.

    When I got there around 5:30 pm on a Friday evening, the store was closed. I called the sign on the door, and Trudy the owner was kind enough to come and let me in to shop. She was very accommodating and extremely pleasant.

    The prices were extremely reasonable and not overpriced like some boutique-like stores in the area.

    The atmosphere was very zen-like and when I was inside I felt calm, welcomed and relaxed. I highly recommend this store and am glad I found it. I will definitely be back again.

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    I  actually did stop down at your shop after checking hours on website and  a hand-written sign was in the window to call a cell number. Hence the phone calls.   I also requested to speak to the owner Trudy when I called.  Had we ever finished the conversation, you would of had details, but then again, you were too busy.

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    I paid for two tiny henna tattoos that the girl messed up on several times, and all together for $45? Are you kidding me? This place is way over priced.Meanwhile I got a beautiful henna tattoo for $12 dollars at a street fair, I'll stick to getting my henna tattoos there. DO NOT waste your money here, they like to take advantage of people's wallets.

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