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    This place seriously sucks!  I would NEVER go back there again!
    I used to go here when I was 15 & 16 years old bc they were the only place that would illegally tattoo & pierce me underage.  I used to hand them my driving PERMIT when I went there & would straight up tell them that I'm not 18 yet...they would tell me "whatever, let me just copy the permit to make it look like we have something on file".  Ridiculous.
    I have 4 tattoos from them, all of which are completely screwed up & had to be re-done!
    1.) I have nautical stars on either side of my leg, which faded within about a month.  I didn't feel comfortable having them re-do this, so I had to get it re-done by another shop.
    2.) I have a tattoo inside of my lip that is completely crooked & looks like crap (took them literally one minute to complete, no exaggeration).  Thank God it's inside of my lip where nobody sees it!
    3.) I have a butterfly on each is OKAY.  The other one was done by an artist that was just starting out & being trained, which I was originally not told.  They also still made me pay regular price for this.  Everywhere else you go, you get a discount when you get a tattoo from people who are being taught.  When I went back in to complain about the 2nd butterfly, that's when I found out about him being a new artist.
    All in all, this place is SUCH a joke.  I live right around that town (Miller Place) & have heard that they've gotten in trouble for dirty needles & being just plain unsanitary.  Not to mention, their artists SUCK & they overcharge like crazy.
    Just look @ the first picture that pops up.  It's a picture of one of the tattoos that they've screwed up lol.
    Please don't go here!!  There are tattoo shops EVERYWHERE, go to the next one down the road!  They will screw up your tattoo, then make you pay to get it re-done!  It's ridiculous.

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