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    York Ink. Home of the infamous weekend walk in specials - $10 piercings, $25 tattoos. Sounds sketchy, right?

    Not so much, actually. I like making the pilgrimage from Baltimore every few months or so, not only because it's a really great deal and an excuse to visit Roburritos, but because I've never been displeased with the shop's cleanliness, attitude, or service. There's also a ton of free street parking, so that's always nice.

    I have a small tattoo of my sister's name on my foot from Toad. He did a wonderful job informing me what sort of pain was to be expected (toe knuckle, ouch) and made my little sis and me feel comfortable during the entire process.

    ... And then there's Michelle. The piercing ninja. The name truly fits - she'll have a needle in and out of you quicker than you can ask "how much is this going to hurt" - and that's why she's so great. She's done both my nostrils, my nipples, and my bellybutton. The nostril piercings are perfectly symmetrical, and I'm so pleased with the other work. I LOVE that she doesn't take her time with it - the fact that you can be in and out in less than fifteen minutes makes a piercing addiction likely and accessible.

    I'm deducting one star for the fact that they don't accept credit cards and the overall presentation of the shop itself could be a tad more polished.

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