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    The cleanest shop in Grand Junction to get piercings.

    Amen was very in the know about how to do everything correctly. Not to mention he is ridiculously nice and has some awesome Huchol artwork! I like how they don't try to sell you some super expensive cleaning crap either. He told me to go to Vitamin Cottage, and get a big bag of non-iodized salt for $1, and clean my ears with a heated saline solution. I'm a big fan cheap stuff that does the job just as well (or better), so I gave it a go. My piercings have never healed so cleanly and timely before! And I still have a crap ton of salt! Woo!

    He made sure the holes were evenly spaced on my ear, and complimented what I had going on elsewhere (in case I wanted to run a link chain all over my head, or ya know... something of that nature). This is the only certified piercing joint from here until Denver... so yeah, they've got something going on.

    If for some reason I find it necessary to put another hole in my head, I will fo' sho' return to Apex.

    CASH only (as per ushe)

    p.s. If you have never had an ear piercing before, they do discounts on your first set, especially with kids! Amen was saying that he would rather do it correctly, and not with a gun. If you're going to do it, you might as well do it right the first time!

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