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    Not the best tattoo work I've ever had done, but I have seen worse. They were able to take me as a walk in, and draw something up right then, which was nice. Their tattoo area is pretty exposed to folks walking in and out, so if you are getting something done in more of a 'private place' you're going to end up rather exposed. But, if you're getting a tattoo there to begin with, that's probably not something you care about.
    They were really clean, reasonably priced (more so then some of the other joints on North Ave) and pretty timely with their work, and I'm sure if you actually made an apt. with the head guy, you would come out with something a little better.

    Someone did place an order for a pizza from Diorio's so it would be ready when I was done, that was a nice touch.

    Oh yeah, CASH ONLY.

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