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  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    I had a bad experience here, which cost me dearly. I paid a hundred for a Tattoo and thousands to get it removed. My tattoo was artistically done poorly and was placed off centered on my back. I hated my tattoo so much that I ended up getting it lasered off. The laser removal process is not quick and easy as it seems. You have to get it done in 4 to 6 sessions and wait 60 days in between. The Novocaine shots are the worst, it feels like someone is sewing your skin. For a 2x2 inch Tattoo, they pierced my skin about 10 times. The actual lasering is painless and very quick. The after care process is very uncomfortable. Basically the skin has been wounded and you have to apply ointment and keep it bandaged (the fastest way to heal) for about one week. After that you have to keep applying ointment until the area is fully healed. To keep the bandage on well, you have to use sports tape, which are very strong, flexible and sticky. The tape causes your skin to be raw, itchy and sticky.

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