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  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    no more checkered past :(( they had some financial issues
    so sad they had some cool things in there :(
    i believe you can still buy online

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    As far as piercings go this place is top, professional and very clean. I started getting piercings about ten years ago there and always had a good experience.

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    So for my friend's 18th birthday she decided to take advantage of Checkered Past's half price piercings (<a href="/redir?" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.checkeredpast…</a>) and get her tummy done.  She had been coveting mine for ages, and finally the time had arrived when she could legally sign to put holes in her own body.

    The majority of the shop is a thrift shop, that's not quite thrifty - but yet filled with all kinds of fun vintagey things to play with.  I particularly enjoyed trying on crazy sunglasses with the boys.

    So anyway, the piercing room was clean and the piercer was very good about telling her exactly what he was about to do.  She was nervous as hell, which was pretty funny - I mean, it's just a needle.  He let me stand next to her to keep her calm, but no holding hands - it spreads germs.  Fair enough.  He showed her the clean needle coming out of the package and proceeded to pierce my little girl.

    Tears began to flow from her eyes before he even broke skin.  "Breathe behbeh", I told her.  And before she knew it, it was done.  He was very thorough with his aftercare instructions, which I later told her to disregard because the way I was taught is better, but you know, he tried.

    The only thing I don't like is that Checkered Past is a bit pricey.  (<a href="/redir?" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.checkeredpast…</a>)  I mean, come on, 45$ for a nose piercing.  I got my done for 20 in a reputable place in NY.  The body jewelry is also pretty expensive.  You're better off looking on Ebay for that.

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