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    I've been going to 717 Tattoo for four years now; I got my first facial piercing and tattoo there and recently got an amazing scar done by Rev, one of the piercers at the Jonestown location. Truly, no other establishment in the area compares. They are always friendly and accomodating, even at their busiest, their prices are fair, their shop is clean and inviting, and I've never been disappointed by anything I've gotten done. I'm getting a tattoo soon by one of their artists, Rob, and he estimated it at $600! I was shocked, it was such a deal.

    As if all that wasn't enough, there are a million ways to be involved in their growing community besides getting work done, like contests, deals, seasonal events and just plain falling in love with all the staff-- they're all wonderful!

    If you want to make sure you're getting the most quality for the best price, definitely go to 717 first, they always come through.

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    The best place I've ever had work done.  Staff are attentive and really try to give you a good experience.  Shop is always clean and well maintained.  I've recommended them to all my friends that are looking to get something done.  Brad does an incredible job from start to finish.

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