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    This is the best tattoo shop on the east coast. Years ago there was a shop in East Haven called Darkside. The artists split up and went two different ways, Hope and Transcend. I have went to Hope Gallery since it first opened. They are celbrating 10 years of buisness this month. Here are the artists which I know well. There are others I have not had the pleasure of working with. I apologize for not including them.

    Custom tatto work - nothing from the walls like most shops. Your piece will be the only one of it's kind.

    " A good tattoo is never cheap. A cheap tattoo is never good. "

    Julio: Amazing artist. Focused. No nonsense. Doesn't take breaks or take his job lightly. If he tells you your piece will take 3 hours, he will have the ink in his hand for 3 hours. Great black and white work. Light fantasy, and portraits are all top notch.

    Joe Capo: Girls girls girls. Big bright pieces. Joe is the owner of this place, and you would think the celebrity would go to his head. It has not. He is so incredibly humble and nice. He does not treat ANYONE as anything less than an equal. He's been so nice to me over the course of the last decade. His twitter and instagram are great.

    Eric: Sick dark fantasy pieces. His use of color is insane. He will take a concept of yours and bring it to life more than you could ever imagine. His creativity is oozing out of him. Even when you think he can't get better, he does. He's a nice man, who is smart and can talk to you about nearly anything with conviction. Getting work done by him is fun. He makes an 8 hour piece feel like a 3 hour piece. No breaks, no nonsense.

    Tim: Tim doesn't have ink. You wouldn't peg him as a tattooist. Then you see his work and you're amazed. He takes his job seriously, and wants to make sure you are completely on board with the concept. He will take his time creating the piece, and then execute it with pinpoint accuracy. His tattoos do not need touch ups, and his presence is warm and friendly.

    Christian: I have known Christian since we were teenagers. He was born to tattoo. He probably held an ink gun before a baby bottle. His creations are wickedly unique and incredibly fascinating. He can take a concept which has been done a thousand times, and you will feel as if it's the first. His take on fantasy, and dark reality is quite unique and refreshing. His colors pop, and his shadowing technique is out of this world.

    If you go to Hope, you are no longer just a patron. You will be called by name. You will be welcomed to all the parties and showings. Being part of this group of guys is amazing. Guys like these come around once in lifetime, and I feel so blessed to be alive at the same time as these guys. If I reccomended anyone to a place, this would be it. I can't speak highly enough of them. Even my review does not do justice to these guys.

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    Been coming here getting tattooed by Tim Harris for many years. He's the best! Studios very clean and everyone's professional. By far the best place to get tattooed, go set up an appt!!

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    hands down the best tattoo shop there is around i was tattooed by eric merrill a few years back a small jesus tat that turned into a sleeve into a back piece i can not step foot in a store or gas station, mall anywhere with out 5 people asking where i got my work done.At hope its not just a tattoo its a true piece of art everyone at hope does amazing work but plan ahead for work like this takes time and money so plan ahead and book in advance you will not be disappointed

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