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    This place is amazing. The best bunch of proffessional artists in the biz that ive found, yes i said artists, these guys shy away from any advertising, conventions, or magazines. They truly see tattooing as an artform and treat it as such. They only do original work and are very reasonably priced. Each has a private room and pays extra detai to cleanliness and quality of both their shop and machines. I highly reccomend this shop and its artists, Christian has done pretty much all my work and i will never go to anyone else. Other than being an amazing group of artists they are really friendly good quality people that are fun to talk to and hangout with. Their website doesnt truly showcase the quality of their work but they dont update it that often since the shop is really busy..Expect a good month or so for an appointment, sometimes longer. Lets just say i drive 4-1/2 hours just to get there and its worth it.

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