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    I have spent far too many hours and far too much money here! Yet, I don't regret either. These are, without a doubt, some of the best tattooers in San Diego/So. California. Terry, the owner, should really be compared to national names, not just west coast names. He surrounds himself with artists that work to his standards and it shows.  

    I started withTerry 5 years ago at Avalon II and followed him to his own parlor, Remington Tattoo. He has tattooed my entire left torso, my upper back, and my 3/4 sleeve. I get compliments every where I go, even from the undecorated masses, and other tattooers frequently recognize the Remington name.

    The hourly rates may seem high, but you get what you pay for. All of the artists here work fast and efficiently, and only charge for time spend receiving ink. No piece prices or charging for drawing or set-up. It sounds like I am gushing, but I swear we are not personal friends. I have paid for every hour of tattooing I have received and am very happy.

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    I had an amazing experience here. I walked in to schedule a consultation with Sarah  after falling in love with her profile. I came in on a Thursday and was able to make a meeting on that following Saturday. The consultation was brief but very reassuring, she was so friendly and knowledgeable.
    On my appointment she had sketches and references that exceeded my expectations. I was very comfortable and relaxed the whole time (my first tattoo). The parlor was very homey and laid back. I listened to music most of the time but we did converse, she is incredibly kind and humorous! She charges $160 an hour which may be considered high for some- but you really do get what you pay for. I am so pleased with everything.

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    Best tattoo shop in San Diego!!

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