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    i just got a tattoo done there today... the place was clean and the staff was really friendly and professional. i love my new ink.

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    This place is wack. My monroe fell out and I was already in Kent so I stopped by to see if I can buy the piercing. Once there is no tattoo commission this guy wants to get all rude!! Told me appointments are required for piercing SALES not to get a something piercing but to BUY  a piercing. Plus he was talking to me while he was tattooing some girl and there were people crowded around watching him. It just looked super nasty.

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    I luckily stumbled upon Mikol through a co-worker and he is my go to on anything amazing. I got a tiger lily on my foot and he went through so much effort to make it look perfect. He drew the leaves on by hand (with my shoe on) with that special purple marker instead of doing a stencil just so when I was wearing flip flops or other shoes it would look the best. He absolutely goes above and beyond to make you love your artwork. I told him general color's and let him kind of decide (which is a big leap of faith when its permanent). I was definitely not disappointing. He blended and made it look amazing and beyond my expectations.

    I went back and had 2 more tiger lilies added extending up my calf. I came with an idea, he countered with a different idea and I said to myself "that is a way better idea then mine". He is so artistic and actually involved in the process which i think is a key to a great tattoo artist. He doesn't just say bring me a picture and I will put it on you. I will be going back to get yet more tiger lilies (Mikol jokes they will reach all the way to my face before I am done). This time I am not even going in with an idea, I am just going to say I want 2 more and see what he does.

    I have other tattoo's but this is by far the most complimented. I will be in the grocery store and some random stranger will stop and compliment it. I have had people say it is the most beautiful tattoo they have seen (although I am sure that is just a saying) it is very pretty.

    On to the shop, it is super clean and so well decorated. The paint on the walls is so neat and I asked a while back and I think they said they did it themselves. Just look at the shop and you can tell all these guys must be great artists!

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