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    This place is awful. I hate the staff. They are extremely rude and judgmental.

    I had recently gotten a cartilage piercing and the earrings I was buying were not staying in my ear I also need hypoallergenic/nickel free earrings. I tried to explain my plight to one of the sales associates and I had a price limit. She was extremely rude when answering all of my questions. Another associate stepped in and treated me the same way. Mostly like I was an idiot for all of my questions.

    I then tried to ask about the piercings and tattoos and I was given the same rude attitude as before. After, I got checked out and stopped to look at a shirt before I left, I heard her greet another woman who had many piercings and tattoos with enthusiasm and begin to help her in a friendly and polite way.

    It is good to know that they judge people by how many tattoos and piercings they have in this store. I tell everyone I know to never come here because the service was so awful.

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    My Girlfriend and I have stopped into this store a couple times now. She needed a pair of new plugs and I wanted to check out the selection that they had since I'm new to the stretching scene. Right now, I'm back to a 6g. I went in yesterday to get some new jewelry to stretch with. I got my ears pierced at a 6g so I was just going up to the 4g club.

    I don't even think the girl who was helping us had any type of name tag but she was pretty helpful; misleading and quite possibly misinformed, but helpful.
    I started out by asking what I should stretch with and what would be safe to use/best methods, etc (again, I'm new to the stretching scene and haven't done much research on what not to use and what to use prior to coming in).

    So $20 later, I end up leaving the store with a pair of 4g SILICONE Spirals (many of you will probably face palm right there). She explained what materials I shouldn't use in terms of stretching due to the porous nature of some items but silicone was never mentioned and she even said that the silicone (even the spirals) would be ok to stretch with.

    I get home, lube em up and pop 'em in. No pain, no trouble, no nothing. The only thing I think I noticed was that they didn't seem like they were properly trimmed on the inside and outside edges from where the molds meet so I just shaved it off with my nail. There's a little tenderness in my ear but it's not enough where I notice it unless I touch my ear or remember that I just stretched my ears.

    Being the hip, young, cool cat that I am, I take to Instagram to show off my new bling off to my homies in all the area codes. About 12 hours later someone posted on my picture not to use silicone to stretch. Being a curious George (without the monkey part) I took to the all mighty Google to see what this person was on about. After about an hour of reading many, many, many, many, many, different blogs/forums/websites, I have come to find that stretching with silicone (let alone Spirals) is a HORRIBLE idea. I only saw one person have a good experience with it otherwise it was all shit.

    So I took them out a little bit ago and put my 6g glass babies back in til I get paid.

    I understand the whole no return policy with them but at the same time, I definitely just wasted $20 (and that was the cheapest pair they had) on jewelry I will probably never use again (I'm going to be stretching to bigger sizes). Plus the fact that A LOT of their jewelry is VERY expensive is kind of a deterrent from me wanting to come back here.

    I've been to plenty of other places that seem way more knowledgeable about what they sell. Me just being excited to get my stretch on didn't really think about researching it first.

    Thanks for the wake up call on that one though.

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    Really nice place. A bit pricey, but they're willing to take the time o make sure you're comfortable and ready before they do anything, which is nice. I came here to get my septum repierced and the man was really understanding of my fear of needles, which was really nice. He even let me go back into the piercing room to lay down after I had left and came back because I felt a little woozy.
    Everything was sanitized and taken care of, the piercing was virtually painless, and the whole experience was really nice.

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