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    what an amazing artist!  i recently lost one of my 14 year old kitties and knew that i wanted to have his and his brother's portraits tattooed on my arm.  i have been to slave to the needle in wallingford and had a good experience there, but when i saw michelle's animal portraits in her portfolio, i knew she was the one for this piece.  she also came recommended by 2 friends, so that was good, too.

    she's hard to get time with, so you have to be patient.  it took 6 weeks to get my first appointment and that was only because of a cancellation, and my next 2 are 6-8 weeks apart.  but here's the thing: this is a piece of art that is going to be on my body forever and has tremendous sentimental value.  i am willing to wait for the right person to do it.

    her customer service is great, too.  she's impossible to get ahold of, so i had to stop into the shop whenever i wanted to talk to her about planning (i live 3/4 of a mile away, so no issue for me), but once i was in the chair, she got to show how much she really cares about her clients and her business.  the first phase took an hour & a half longer than she expected, so she gave me the excess time free; she really understood exactly what i wanted and made it work; she doesn't do small pieces because she isn't good at them and has the integrity not to do work she can't be proud of, but she made the portraits as small as she could so they could go on my arm.  that really meant a lot to me.

    if you want a piece you're very serious about - especially a large piece - i highly recommend michelle.

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    Michelle is the most talented women tattoo artist I have ever known. She does incredible work, I have sat with her for over 35 hours, she did both of my sleeves that are gorgeous. She salvaged a botched tat and turned it into a piece of art that I show off proudly. She does have a life outside the shop, what a shock! But she has been devoted to making me happy with my art even at her own personal sacrific, while having kidney stones for example. she makes you feel instantly comfortable and makes the hours float by, even if your in pain! She is usually booked pretty far in advance because she is so good, but that is a sign of some one who is talented!!

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    Avoid, avoid, avoid!  You'll regret having work done here.  That is if you can get it in the first place.  Be prepared to wait...and wait...and wait...on Michelle that is.  The owner of this place.  It's sad, it's gorgeous and the art worthwhile, but is your time and frustration?  Be prepared to wait anywhere from an hour to 6 hours for her to show up and be ready to even begin.  That is if she doesn't cancel on you countless times first!


    For those of you unsure about this business, check out Sacred Souls Facebook around the time of my review.  She posts a huge diatribe trying to figure out which one of her clients wrote this review (you're way off by the way Michelle), and goes on to beg her clients to bury my review, which is against Yelp policy.  Don't worry, they've been informed.  Also, I've been getting lovely comments (not) from what must be her lackies, friends and family which is annoying, but I think my favorite with more comments are people who agree or who have MUCH worse to say, hopefully they post it here so you guys aren't just seeing her family and/or friends who feel obligated to make her look good.  Don't be fooled by the whole "I'm a Mom act".  If you're a Mom, great, go be a Mom, don't make your clients pay for a service that they have to wait on you for HOURS for because you're being a Mom, pick one, turn it over to someone else, book yourself less, or just run the business and tattoo rarely, but don't get butt hurt when people call you out on your crap!

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