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    I got my first tattoo here, which was a mistake. The old lady who works here is EXTREMELY slow, & does NOT know how to shade. The price was not worth it at all. This also is not a custom shop, she only traces over flash art.

    I had to get a cover up for the tattoo I got here.

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    I got a creepy vibe when I got my dragon tattoo when I was 18 (8 years ago). Took 3 hours to do a dragon that wrapped around my left ankle with full color. I could have been a shorter amount of time if the guy didn't have to stop for like 50 million smoke breaks. Price of the tattoo was $250. By now, all of the yellow has faded, half the red is gone and all of the white has faded.

    That was the my first and last time there. Didn't even go back for the free touch up...

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