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    I had been wanting a specific tattoo for a couple years but was hesitant. I saw an offer on Amazon Local and knowing their standards, thought I'd give it a go for my first tattoo. The only reason I cannot give 5 stars is because Mark was a little late to my appointment and by the time he set up, he didn't get started until about 45 minutes after my appointment time.

    Other than that, the service was great and I'm completely happy with my tattoo (which is about 3x4 inches and took just over an hour). Mark is to the point and cares a lot about his work. I'm not sure I'm ready for a second tattoo just yet, but from my first experience, I would recommend Mark's work to anyone looking for some new ink.

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    I bought the Groupon and had Mark do 2 tats. Although the work is professional his customer service skills leave a lot to be desired... no call backs.... no email returned, plus the amount he applied toward the groupon is very subjective ... the smaller tat I first got used up more that half of the $400 value and the larger color one left me with a $30 credit still. I don't think I will go back. Besides he didn't even show me on the schedule after I made the appt in person. He was able to take me anyway because the other person didnt show .... these are my first tattoos and I'm guessing I can get much better service elsewhere .

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    Don't listen to the complainers. I have gotten 2 tats here in the last 7 months and I received excellent service and top notch work both times. If you're looking to have your hand held and your every wish catered to, go find a hotel downtown. If, however, you're a grown up looking for truly first rate artists, go to Hip Hop Robot!

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