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    My girl got her vertical lip pierced and the gentleman did an excellent job in about 5 minutes, plus this coupon, got 3 pieces of jewelry for less than 40$. 10/10 she will get pierced here again

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    I have been wanting a cover up for a tattoo I was coerced into getting years ago by an ex. This thing was big, dark, and humiliating. I searched for a long time for an artist or a place where I felt like I wasn't going to be forced into something I didn't want or have  my ideas shot down . I finally stumbled across Absolute Ink via other Yelp reviews. When I came in for a quick consult I was shocked at the size of the shop, kind of small, but there are only 2 artists. How much room do they really need? The shop was clean and neat so I didn't feel like I was going to catch something. I was able to get an appointment with PENZ for the following week. This dude is AWESOME!!!! He immediately made me feel comfortable by listening to my ideas and reassuring me that he could do what I want. He is an amazing artist!! His interpretation of my idea turned out to be an effin amazing one of a kind tattoo!!!! He's creative, thorough, organized and knows his craft well. I am in love with my tat, so is every one who sees it. Will for sure go back to have more pieces done by him.

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    I went in there for a septum piercing, with no clue of how much it would hurt or cost. They told me it would cost 25$. I paid, even though I felt like that was a little low. We went in, the man was covered in tattoos and piercings, which was expected but it seemed like every time I looked at him I noticed a new piercing.
    He quickly put the clamps on, and slowly pushed the needle through. Afterwards, he then started prepping the actual piercing! It took him five minutes to get the piercing out, clean it and attach it. I was in the worst pain ever, he had pierced through the cartilage. The entire ordeal took about an hour. I nearly passed out from pain, but he was nice enough to give me some water. I didn't get a receipt, and he gave me a quick walk through on how to clean it and sent me on my way.
    I don't recommend ever coming here for a piercing, about a month later I got my septum pierced the CORRECT way. It doesn't hurt at all now, and barely hurt getting it done.

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