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    I went through some sh*t in the last year and decided to head up to Vashon for a break. After a lot of work, I wanted a tattoo to mark the big change in my life (a sea change, if you will) with a tattoo of my family crest which includes the inspirational phrase, I Live in Hope.

    I saw a number of people around town with great pieces and each time I asked where they got them, they mentioned Sea Change.  

    Casey was amazing from start to finish.  A truly great hearted guy.  As it was my first time, he talked me through the process and answered all my questions with no attitude. I showed him a couple of the versions of the badge and he composited them to capture the best elements. He asked me what music I liked and put on Spotify.  The tattooing took just under and hour and we talked about life and tattoos and girls and heartbreak and resilience--the pain was minimal. In my opinion, if you're gonna get permanently marked you want the person doing it to be a generous soul.  Casey is that guy.

    The tattoo is beautiful with nice crisp lines and detail--I've had many compliments.  I couldn't be happier. I look at it every day and remind myself to live in hope.  

    And given how great the experience was, the price was extremely good (much less than here in LA).

    If you'e a first timer I highly recommend you hit Casey up.

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    Paco is a master!  Loved his work and help in designing the perfect memorial tattoo to commemorate my best friend who passed away.  This was my first tattoo and I am 63.  He was particularly careful of his sterile technique and I took notice of it as I used to be in the health field.  I would recommend anyone to go to his shop for a tattoo... talent, kindness, and just a wonderful man!

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    my fiance and i are moving to vashon in the next few weeks. we stayed there over christmas and decided on a whim to get our tattoos at sea change. i had no idea vashon even had a tattoo parlor (and i've heard that several times from people who learned about our experience). we popped our heads in once to get an estimate on what we wanted. we met paco first. he was about to start tattooing, so he called casey and asked him to come over to talk to us. we also met ernie, another tattoo artist who shares our southern roots. they're all great guys. i didn't even ask to see anyone's stuff, actually. i decided to be optimistic.

    he (casey) scheduled us in over his holiday, and that was nice. it was will's first tattoo, and so he tattooed him first. we had conversation the entire time with various sea change patrons, and casey would occasionally stop and ask how we were doing, if we were comfortable, etc. i'm used to tattoo artists just drilling through, knowing the next tattoo is about to walk in the door. this was, i'm tempted to say, relaxing -- despite, you know, the needle-y part.

    i love how my tattoo looks. i love to show it off, and i love to tell about where and who i got it from. i'm really excited to go back, especially once we're moved in there. my neighborhood pharmacy, my neighborhood grocery store, my neighborhood tattoo shop, hah... vashon is a weird, weird place.

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