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    I can't love this shop enough.  For starters when you walk in it is clean and well lit with lots of open space.  There are tons of portfolios so you can look through the artists work.
    I came in for a consult and they were friendly and helpful. They listened to what I wanted.  
    I made my appointment with Tony Max and when it was time to come back for my tattoo (my appointment was only 2 months out) he did an amazing job.
    Even my mother who hates tattoos saw the picture of this one and said "that is a work of art"
    I got an antique microscope done on the inside of my right arm. It looks amazing and I'll be putting a picture up once it doesn't look all greasy.

    They also gave one of the best tips ever for helping my tattoo heal and I've never had a tattoo heal this fast before (this is my 6th tattoo).  The care sheet had me putting a thin layer of aquaphor on my tattoo and then covering it with plastic wrap.  My tattoo stayed moisturized and instead of nasty scabby flakes coming off the dead skin just gently rolled off.  My tattoo looks fabulous and doesn't even look like it was just done because of that trick.

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    No Regrets is by far my favorite tattoo shop in Memphis. The artists are amazing. I've had Joe do multiple of my pieces and look forward to having many more to come. All of the artists are unique in their own way and they all have portfolios set up online at <a href="/redir?" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://noregretstattooem…</a>

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