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    Took my sister to get her nipples pierced and I was impressed !!!
    This place is really nice and clean! Everything organized not a bunch of clutter!

    The Piercer was very knowledgable. I needed her to look at an old piercing of mine and she had no issue doing so.

    She was very patient explained everything well.....Great Job!
    The place is clean, fair price and they are open LATE!!

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    My best friend and I got small, matching tattoos at Trilogy, and, although the minimum price is kind of high for how small and simple ours were, we were so happy with the work. Colt did an amazing job, and everyone at the store was incredibly personable and professional. We had gone to another shop in town, with very nice people, who told us that they couldn't do the design we wanted as small as we wanted it, because it was too detailed, but Trilogy had us email the picture (from the lobby - hooray technology) and, unlike the other place, got us right in and were able to create an exact replica of what we wanted.

    It was my friend's first tattoo, and, not only were they super nice to us both and made her feel comfortable, she now wants her next, much larger, one, done by the same person. That's the best positive comment a place can get I think!

    Highly recommend - the minimum is high, and the parking is kind of odd, but those are small prices to pay for such a great tattoo experience.

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    Whoever wrote the 1 review is stupid. With no due respect, they are a great and professional shop. Why would you complain about the price of something that's on you forever?

    We had an amazing experience with Eric, and the shop was full of personable, professional people. As someone who works in the tattoo industry, I really don't understand how price is a MAIN factor in buying a piece of art. I don't feel they over charged at all, and I would be happy to go back!

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