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    I have had my last four tattoos done by Angel at Lady Luck Tattoo and I will never use anyone else. Her work is absolutely amazing and I get complimented on my pieces all the time.

    The shop is great too. Not only is it open and comfortable, it is also very family-friendly. During our last tattoo sessions, my girlfriend and I were visited by a couple friends, including one with a little boy who had a great time hanging out in the kid section.

    And, as if getting a great tattoo in a great parlor by a great tattoo artist isn't good enough, they let me watch Arrested Development the entire time I was getting it done. Best tattoo experience ever? QED.

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    I've been tattooed at a number of tattoo shops and one of the things that I would tell anyone is: don't pick a shop based on whether you want to hang out with the artist. As long as they're polite, look at their work. You're not paying a tattoo artist to become your best friend; though my tattoo artist HAS become my friend, I can't expect that. And I shouldn't.

    I think that the work at Lady Luck is the most consistently spot-on tattoo work I've seen coming out of Spokane or anywhere. I get tattooed by Angel and she has a light, fast hand and great design ideas. She'll tell you if your tattoo idea won't work, but she'll also tell you what will.

    I love the atmosphere of the shop and the people who work there are top-notch.

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    I would give LL 5 stars if they did all-white-ink tattoos.

    That said, I wanted a Hello Kitty tattoo and some older, knowledgable-in-ink friends said to go to Angel.  They couldn't have been more right.  Granted this was 3 years ago but she didn't seem unfriendly to me.  I plan to go back twice this year for 2 more pieces now that I have the money.

    I was 18 and absolutely terrified; although body mods weren't new to me, ink was.  The atmosphere rocks and I think some b horror movie was on to amuse my friends and occupy my mind.  Totally sanitary, and nice and roomy so you're not in the other artists' space.  The table was comfy.  Angel was more than willing to do custom, and she answered all my paranoid-first-time questions.

    I have been to Evolution Artspace and I prefer LL.  I only went to there because I wanted an all-white tat, but I feel prices here are more reasonable and the space isn't as cramped.  Writing this has made me itch for the ink I plan to get in June and August.  It might not be the closest to home or most convenient, but I love Lady Luck.

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