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    Alex gave my friend a crap sketch; nothing like she wanted. She wanted a gnarled stringy look and he drew up a cartoony thing that probably took him twenty minutes to sketch up. Only cool if you are friends with the artist and catch them on a good day, IMO.

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    FYI - Kat Adlerz is in her own studio (Workhorse Tattoo Company) now.  There are some other really great artists in this building, but since I've never been tattooed by them, I can't speak to that experience.

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    Being an out-of-towner I would ask people in passing where they got their tats. Um, I think it's weird that most of Houston's reputable tattoo shops are on the same strip. Lol. So weird!

    Anyway, I hoped on yelp and did some research. Then walked down this strip with my girls and based out of my research of clean places that do good work Gaslight was in my top 3 choices but, was the youngest on the block.

    I'm not gonna lie, I was sold when I walked by and saw two different artists working and they were both chic's.

    Peter did mine. I'd trust him to do another one. But I'd recommend him only if you've been tatted already. He didn't give me any care information or had me sign anything, which is usually a formality. I didn't mind but my girl who was getting tatted for the first time was a little skidish b/c of this, which is understandable cause the shit is permanent.

    My tattoo looks great and it was a great experience. I loved that it was a house everyone was super cool and laid back. We went back the next night and two of my other girls got tatted.

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