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    I found Misunderstood while searching the internet for shops around me seeing I havnt got one in Texas yet and had no idea where to go.  I found their site called up scheduled an appointment. Showed up there kind of told me what I wanted but didnt give him much to work with.  He drew up a design right in front of me and got the tattoo the same day.  I will deffinitly continue to drive an hour to go here there so friendly his wife even gave me some dinner while i was waiting which was delicouse.  I would deffinitly reccomend anybody who wants to get ink and doesnt like going to a big shop crowded with people to give Misunderstood a try.  I can not be more happy with the designs he drew up for me its everything I wanted but couldnt find a picture to show.

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    The way I came to find Misunderstood Ink was awesome in and of itself. My two year old niece was diagnosed with cancer. She is uninsured and we were trying to have fundraisers to raise money for her care.

    Misunderstood didn't know anyone in my family, but they reached out to us. They helped to get other local businesses support to help my family. I decided I wanted to commemorate my niece's battle with cancer with a tattoo and I wanted to use Misunderstood for all they'd done. I live in Austin and emailed them to find out if I could make an appointment while I was in Houston. They were really quick to get back to me and squeezed me in last minute.

    I almost had to cancel because I didn't think I had the money to get it done. They worked with me on that too. They didn't turn me away, they said, come, we'll do it.

    Jacques is super awesome. He made me feel comfortable immediately. He went over the design I had sent him and told me how I could make it more feminine, how I could get it to have shading and depth. I had no idea it could look as wonderful as it actually did. The coloring is beautiful, the penmanship and steadiness of his hand was great. The whole time throughout the tattoo he was checking on me and asking how I was feeling, seeing if I needed anything. I've gotten other tattoos in Austin and I've never had a tattoo artist care so much about how I was feeling.

    I've seen a lot of his other work and it's slick. Jacques is wonderful and I would recommend to anyone to have him do your tattoo.

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