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    I think once you view Erik's portfolio, your eyes will tell you why his art is above and beyond so let me tell you what you might not know if you haven't met Erik.  First of all he is completely unpretentious and leaves all the snobbery of being a badass tattoo artist out of his personality.  He is professional and truly interested in your ideas and doesn't condescend to you even if he does know more than you (of course he does).

    I had been carrying around a black and white shadow outline for almost ten years.  the clipping was about 2x2..if that.  I interviewed with a few artists in town, rather than drag them through the mud I will just say Erik was the only one whose eyes lit up and he accepted the clipping right away...seemed to get my idea..and he just ran with it.  Erik did so much research, he showed me how the piece  had come together and I was duly impressed.   I had so much fun with the whole process that even though I have this epic tattoo, I am sorta sad its over!  I see another in my future for sure.

    I have uploaded the photo of beautiful Nadine to show you (just look under the photos section).....all this from a dark 2 inch shadow.!  He made a devotional masterpiece that honors my heritage.  This experience was one of the best of my life creatively and I think that as long as Erik is around there will be no need for any other tattoo artist to touch my skin.  You would be wise to get to Erik while you can, I can foresee him starting to have quite a following and as such....a very lengthy appointment wait.    

    My boyfriend is getting a sleeve, so I will upload and further review in a few months...stay tuned..

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    Erik is a great guy. A very talented artist. He takes his time to talk with you and get to know you, to find out what you are really looking for. Erik has a talent for seeing what the art will look like on the skin, and where the best placement for the piece is. I happen to walk in to the shop one day, and ended up getting tattoed by Erik by chance, but i am glad it has worked out. I have had around 30 plus hours of work done by him. I am always suprised by and excited to see how he has taken my request and put his own artistic spin on the artwork. I am constantly getting compliments on both of my sleeves. If you are looking for a great, professional, and talented artist look no further. Stop by the shop and go have a conversation with Erik. Oh, and dont forget to ask him about his cats!

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    I've had about 15 hours of work done by Erik, all cover-ups, which were done beautifully.  I had a giant ugly tattoo on my upper arm that I thought I was going to have to live with for the rest of my life.  A lot of artists said there wasn't much I could do about it except maybe redo the line work or other minor improvements.  Erik decided to take on the challenge of turning it into an amazing koi half-sleeve.  If I didn't tell you it was a cover up, you probably couldn't even tell.  He also did a cover-up of an armband on my other arm which came out spectacular.

    I get compliments all the time on his work.  An excellent tattooer.

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