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    I got my rook re-pierced by Sarah.  It was pierced back in college originally and I had so many issues with it that I took it out.  Sarah explained to me the issue of scar tissue, and why it couldn't be pierced in that exact spot.  She is an veteran of piercing, 18 years under her belt.  She explains the process and info great.  

    Another time, I stopped in to get my lower navel pierced.  Jason was working.  He wouldn't pierce it - explaining that my body would naturally push it out because there wasn't a "Lip" that would hold it.  Easily he could have done it, taken my money, and called it a night - but he didn't.  Piercers work on commission/tips, so his honesty was amazing.

    Because of that - I got my nose pierced instead.  My nose stud is awesome - sometimes the needle is cut short, but this didn't happen to me :)

    Being able to relax makes getting pierced easier.  Piercings just feel like an awful pinch for a split second. ---- To me, it just feels like a small pinch anymore.

    Their jewelry is beautiful, nickel-free, and worth every penny.  You get what you pay for.  I love being pierced with titanium - it is completely different from when I first started to get piercings - because my body heals much more quickly than it had before.  

    For the tattoos, walking in and talking is always intimidating - email is better to set up an appointment on their site:)

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    I went in for a tattoo when Chip still worked here and it was great, he was just nice and very laid back but he took the time to listen to what I wanted and suggest some changes to what I wanted done. I went back for a second tattoo and he no longer worked here. That tattoo turned out fine but the artist really didn't listen to me and spent more time telling me about conspiracy theories, like really I don't care, please be weird on your own time. I very specifically did not want color on the tattoo but the artist insisted and I went along with it because I knew I could get it covered with black later. While I was there a bunch of girls came in for tiny pieces and were practically crying about how scared they were. The artists spent more time dealing with them then dealing with actual clients. I know that annoying people in the shop is not really the fault of the place but it was still annoying and I felt that it was not handled well. I have since stopped going to True Blue and instead followed Chip to the new place he works at. I think that True Blue is not a bad place, it is always very clean, and you will  always get quality work. You will not however always get exceptional work, for that you need to find a specific artist.

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    In my never ending quest to satisfy my ink fever while maintaining my "no truly visible tattoos" rule, I found myself at this shop.

    Prior to moving to TX I had all of my body mod work done at a shop back home that I absolutely loved. However, since my move 3 years ago I've had this incessant urge to get more ink. I got a small piece done at another shop in Austin and while the work is very clean and well done, the pricing was simply outrageous. So I went on the hunt for another shop.

    Luckily for me, my friend's cousin worked at this shop and so we dropped by. The first person I spoke to here was Cory and he ultimately was the artist to draw up and do my tattoo. While all of my tattoos are special to me, this one was the only tattoo that I would be sharing with another person, my best friend. Cory was more than happy to custom draw up the design and give me a copy of the sketch for my best friend (she still lives back in MI).

    Cory's a great artist. I've seen him do intricate work on other customers but he has great attention to detail on even the most simple pieces, and like any reputable artist stands by his work. The particular piece I was having done was a white ink tattoo and they're prone to being "touchy" as far as fading and color distribution goes. I got my tattoo from Cory at the end of March and I just dropped by today to get it touched up when I noticed some fading. Cory was great about filling in the area in question and also told me to give him a call if I noticed anything else.

    The shop can get busy depending on the time of day, so I recommend dropping by to meet the artists and look at their portfolios prior to committing to a spontaneous tattoo. In addition you can always call in and see how busy things are at the moment.

    The shop is very clean and the artists are careful to clean up their stations between customers. The floor plan is open and you can see artists at work (just don't be a weird lurker). I'd definitely recommend this place for anyone looking to get some work done and of course I recommend Cory!

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