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    Katja Ramirez is a genius. I've had two sessions with her so far on my phoenix and it looks awesome. I cannot wait to get it completely filled in. I've received tons of compliments on it and even my Mother (who detests tattoos) says it's beautifully done.

    Anyways Katja is really accommodating, patient and very meticulous which is a really good quality when it comes to super detailed tattoos like Phoenixes. Anyways I HIGHLY recommend her, she is in very much popular demand so you might have to book your appointment a few months down the road. It is absolutely worth the wait. Perfection 100% lives up to it's name.

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    Katja R just finished my back piece entitled "B's Wild Ride" (my third tattoo)  She took my ideas and transformed them into an incredible work of body art that has received a steady stream of the highest compliments from all those who've seen it.   She is an awesome artist with a great personality that makes the "needle time" fly by.  The clean and comfortable shop and other artists, Chris and Bob, only add to the incredibly positive experience.  I couldn't recommend Perfection Tattoo and Katja Ramirez any more highly!

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    Chris Treviño. Horimana. This is a different level of tattooing; something much more art and magic than ink and needles.

    Chris began tattooing a 3/4 sleeve with Unryu Kuruo--thief turned warrior/musha--and a dragon. The dragon curls around Unryu and goes from my forearm up onto my chest.

    As has been said before, Chris is intense. He works fast and takes his craft seriously. Do your research, and then let Chris go. Show up on time and let him work.

    You'll not regret the incredible result. You'll spend a ton of time and money over many months. It'll hurt. That's part of a great tattoo; it just is.

    But you'll be rewarded with a truly traditional Japanese tattoo in the legacy of Horiyoshi 3, not a Western interpretation or imitation.

    This is another level, and it's worth it.

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