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    I've had Gill do many piercings, and he's always professional and does a great job. He even got my septum piercing to look straight on my crooked nose. Tonight I went in not for a new piercing, but to get some help with the nipple piercings Gill did several years ago. I had to take out all of my jewelry for a medical procedure, and surprisingly, my nipple piercings tightened up significantly in just a few hours. By the time I was able to get to the shop, the jewelry had been out for over 24 hours.

    I explained to Ruth what had happened, and we discussed my options. Since the piercings had been done at 8ga, if we couldn't get them back to their original size, I could go smaller. She took the jewelry I had brought with me and put it in to sterilize, along with the 8ga and 10ga tapers.

    It took well over an hour to get them stretched, and she was very patient with me the whole time.  I won't say I enjoyed the experience, but I will say that Ruth made it a lot less painful than it could have been.

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    My daughter and I took my 7 year old granddaughter to Diablo Rojo for ear piercing.  The staff was wonderful, and took very good care of her.  The entire procedure was explained to us in detail, and we were given detailed instructions on how to care for the ears during the healing process.  It was a very positive experience for all involved.

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    This Is the cleanest and most professional Piercing Studio I Have Ever Visited. The Selection Of Jewelry Offered Boggled My Mind, And If You Can't Find That Perfect New addition in-Store You Can Almost Certainly Have It Ordered, Totally Customized To Your Taste. Oh, And Everything Is Sterilized Before Your Very Eyes. For All Of These Reasons, I Would Recommend Diablo Rojo To Anyone Serious About Their Piercings, And To Top It All Off The Staff Is Fantastic. I Had The Good Fortune Of Having Sam (Who Works At Both Locations,) Put My First Set Of Plugs In At The South Lamar Shop. He Has A Very Calming Vibe And Though Extremely Knowledgeable And Professional, Will Joke With You And Make You Feel Right At Home. A Friendly Dude Who Enjoys His Work And Will Talk To You About Anything, Which Is Always Refreshing. My Final Point Is That Yes, You Will Pay More Here Than Most Other Studios Around, But Much Like With Anything Else, You Absolutely Get What You Pay For. Every Last Piece Of Jewelry In The Shop Is Made From The Highest Quality Material That Piercers Can Get Their Hands On. How Do We Know This? The Good Folks At Diablo Won't Even Entertain The idea Of Buying From Manufacturers That Cant Produce Official Certificates From The Steel Mills In Which The Jewelry Was Claimed To Be Crafted. THAT, Is Some Seriously in-Depth Dedication. Additionally, If You're Seriously Committed To Making A Long-term Alteration To Your Body, Why Would You Skimp In The First Place? I Say Don't Settle For Anything Less Than The Best Quality When You're Punching Holes In Your Body And Filling Them With Shiny Metal Objects. Hands-Down The Best Piercing Experience I've Had, Worth The Price And Then Some. Recommended For All.

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