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    My husband & I walked into Mom's while on vacation from DFW just wanting to inquire about tattoos that we were interested in getting.  We were told that Debbie was just finishing with a client and that she could get started with us shortly. 30 minutes later I was sitting in a chair watching her prep! Debbie was great. She has a good sense of humor and makes you feel comfortable right away. Our tattoos were fairly simple and small, but I was still impressed with her quickness. We love our tattoos! She also gave us an EXTREMELY fair price. She mentioned that she's been tattooing for 35 years, so if you want experience, this is the place to go!

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    Great service and very friendly. I went in to get a cover-up tattoo filled in that I had outlined at another shop. The service difference was like night and day.

    They took me in last minute as a walk in and were very accommodating. They also completed the work in 1.5 hours under the time they quoted me, which was a pleasant surprise. Garrett did the work and kept up a great conversation the whole time. After the tattoo, "Mom" took the time to talk to me about tattoo care, and they even gave me a kit with salve and soap to bring home.

    I highly suggest this place, great skills, knowledgeable and friendly.

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    Went here with a group during vacation because we all wanted tattoos - we made appointments and paid a 20 dollar deposit beforehand.
    This was my first tattoo, and I honestly could not be happier - Blake did an amazing job taking the idea in my head and turning it into a tattoo - it looks better than what I had originally thought of, along with being very friendly and talking through the tattoo so that I didn't focus on the pain (though I'll admit it didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would).
    Everyone was very friendly and accommodating, and we were all really happy with our tattoos.

    Seriously, I can't stress how in love I am with my tattoo.

    If I get a tattoo anywhere else I'll be using this experience as the benchmark.

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