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    The staff are incredibly friendly and talented here at Ancient Ink.  Those two things rarely go hand in hand in austin shops, apparently.  Donny hooked me up with 2 great new pieces this week and gained a repeat client from the experience.  So stoked to find an artist I can rely on in Austin.

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    Um, AJ Ruin is the maaaaaan.

    well, this whole facility really blew my mind in the sense that everyone there is so professional, laid-back, and have decor to die for. They've got such an eclectic set of books and images to browse if you're stuck with what you want to get.

    Still can't find something you like? They'll freestyle for you.  Lots of the images I saw were Oriental/Asian themes, Mayan/hieroglyphics, lots of Ancient things (hence their named Ancient Ink) and then tons of other stuff... I really couldn't describe it more than just a real eclectic bunch of awesomeness. Something in there for everyone!

    I sent Aj a message asking him about a Mayan symbol I wanted. I didn't really know how I would convert this stone symbol I saw on some ruins into a image to be plastered on my body for eternity, but Aj hooked it up! I paid my deposit, he sent me a sketch. He warned me that he didn't think my first tattoo would go so well on my ribs, but I said screw that, I'm getting this tattoo and there was no arguing. And I sat through that tattoo like a champ.  

    He is such a quick worker and very professional. Made me feel really relaxed and was really patient.  He made me feel comfortable too in the sense that he gave me all kinds of hospital gown like stuff to cover up with since I'd be all exposed otherwise. If you aren't shy then get all naked on the table.. but I chose to cover up.

    Anyways, back to the tattoo stuff-

    he started out slowly doing my outline and then when the real stuff picked up he just went for it. Really focused work and done really quickly. I've never had a tattoo prior to this, but I felt like it was supposed to be so much more painful and so much longer for the amount of work I got done. well, I was proven wrong.

    I totally loved everything about the staff here. Aj gave my boyfriend and I some really good recommendations for local eats and bars to check out and he wasn't lying. Everywhere he referred us was AWESOME. I feel like all of my tattoos have to be through him now. Like I'd be cheating on him if I didn't use him.

    His rates are affordable and he's so good. Really. If you want a tattoo and you're in Austin or he comes your way - DO NOT HESITATE. I can't speak for the other artists as I didn't see their work, but AJ is the best.

    for my first tat, I am BEYOND satisfied. :D :D :D :D :D :D

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    If you want an awesome piece of artwork on your body, this is the place to go.

    I've gotten all four of my tattoos here and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. The greatest thing about Ancient Ink, is that all the artists have their own area of expertise and they are all amazing at what they do.

    This place rocks.

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