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    She is awesome!  I really wish I would have done my brows sooner, but I was fearful of bad results.  Well,  I did my research; and Lauren was highly recommended.  I LOVE my beautiful eyebrows!  Thank you Lauren!

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    I am curious to know how the other reviewers know Lauren is the best in the business. Have they been to other tattoo makeup artists? I have.
    I wanted to have a more dramatic look added to my simple liner I had tattooed on years ago with fantastic results. My result this time was mediocre. I asked for little flip and the end of my upper lid that I referred to in one of her pictures  (almost cat-eye, but not really). One eye "flip" points up and is thick, the other eye lid points down and is finer. My eyes are shaped differently from each other as everyone's are. However, up and down, thick and thin are VERY different from each other. She can even out the thick/ thin part although I didn't want thick to begin with, but, you can't correct pointing up/ down.
    I need my brows done as well, but, I'm too nervous to go back.

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    Very professional and easy to work with. I don't know how someone could get lines that straight! She is truly talented. I love my permanent makeup and will be back for more.

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