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    This is my favorite shop in Austin! It doesn't look fancy when you drive by, but the inside is clean and awesome. I've been tattooed by both Cla and Drew and love the work I've had done! They are the brightest, boldest tattoos I have. I get compliments on them all the time and have handed out their cards to so many people I've had to restock my supply! If you're looking for a quality tattoo from artists who don't just tattoo flash off of the wall but are true artists who care about giving people unique works of art I suggest checking out Amillion.

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    I got tattooed here by drew several years ago. I still love my piece! He did a wonderful job and it looks exactly like I pictured. Stellar work.

    The other day I decided it was time to work up the courage and finally get the body piercing I've been wanting for years. I asked around, and to my delight I was sent to Jill at amillion. She was so friendly, talked me through every little thing before we ever got started, explained every step, aftercare, and anything else you can imagine. Everything was clean and freshly opened and she changed gloves so many times I felt safe lol. It hurt like hell but I managed pretty well and I believe that has something to do with Jill. Thanks so much! If anyone is looking for tattoo or piercing work this is where I will sent them.

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    Amillion found me on instagram (follow them, amazing- amilliontattoo) and it was at a perfect time because I was already thinking about getting some tattoo work done. He was awesome about the whole thing, prior to him tattooing me I only had one small wrist tattoo. He sent me a picture of exactly what I wanted and it was actually more than I expected... 6 tattoos later and I am still itching to see him. I get compliments about how the color just pops and have referred plenty of friends to see him and now HE is THEIR only dude they see to get tattooed. I have also deemed him my only tattoo artist. I trust him so much that I even let him surprise me and just tattoo me with something he's been wanting to tattoo and he did not upset. I can't even tell you which of my tattoos I love the most because I love them all the same.

    Thanks again, Drew! I'll be in to see you soon!

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