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    Dovetail tattoo has great artist. The times that i have been there is has always been very comfortable and there building is very nice and the best decorated i would say in austin. I have personally been to several tattoo shops in austin and this place always makes me feel comfortable. The artist there have always been very professional and on point. I have only been tattooed there by Bill Smiles and love the work he has done. I HIGHLY recommend this place and there artist.

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    I spent months searching Austin for a artist I liked. I was starting to give up on Austin artist and looking into California people when I saw some awesome sleeve work done on a pedicab driver. "Dovetail" she said, "Wendi Ramirez did the work". First I like that its not so noticeable, the building they're in. In a place like Austin where there are tattoo shops on every corner flashing crap work it was nice to see someone being more subtle. Secondly, I wont lie, I was kinda excited to find a female artist after months of talking to countless douchbags that couldn't tattoo a straight line if their lives depended on it. I had to wait about six months for my first appointment with her. I was willing to wait because while I was there to set up an appointment she was finishing up an portrait on some young thuggish wannabe guy. It was his kids and he starting crying when he looked at it after she was done. She made a thug cry! Too sweet.

    Wendi is very gentle while tattooing. She would break regularly to blot and cool my skin. Everything has always healed perfectly with her. She knows how to layer colors. The layering has made some awesome effects in my pieces from her.  She understands placement and will make sure your piece will work in the area you wanted. She is a true artist and a master of her craft. She pretty much owns my right arm at this point. I get so many compliments on her work.

    Wendi and Stacey have made Dovetail a really cute shop with unique paintings and oddities. I love the collection of art they have in there. It's pleasant on the eyes while I sit or lay there for hours. I'm truly glad I found Wendi!

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    What an amazing shop!  I had the pleasure of visiting Dovetail Tattoo for the first time last week.  Although I was there to purchase some of Stacey Martin's art, not to be tattooed, I was absolutely impressed by the entire experience.  I first found Miss Martin via her Etsy shop, Whim Factory (<a href="/redir?" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">…</a>) and knew I had to own her work.  When I realized she was located in Austin, I called her right away.  Not only is she a phenomenal artist, she is also superbly professional and disarmingly lovely and sweet.  Everyone I spoke with in the shop was helpful, friendly and engaging.  The shop itself is a wonderland of visual stimulation, and based on the portfolios I had the opportunity to peruse while I was there, I can't wait to get started working on designing my next tattoo with Miss M.

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