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    Love this place. Brandi did great work on a half-sleeve for me. She's an amazing artist and I highly recommend her. I gave Brandi a bunch of photos from some recent travels and she combined them all with this amazing drawing.

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    I have had a terrible impression of this place since two years ago when my husband and I first moved to Austin. He was looking to get a half sleeve done in remembrance of his recently passed mother and asked a guy working here what that would entail. Not only did the guy not look my husband in the eyes AT ALL, but he said they wouldn't draw up anything without a hefty deposit and the guarantee that he would be getting the tat there when he saw the work. No thanks, bro.

    Fast forward to my birthday this year...I was looking to get my nose pierced and Platinum Ink was closed because it was Monday. So we headed to Atomic, and the piercer really changed my opinion of the place. He was super nice, professional, and did an amazing job on my nose ring and changing the jewelry in an ear piercing. I will definitely be back for piercings, but will stick to Platinum and Steadfast for tats!

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    I'm probably done with piercings but if I change my mind I'll find Andy where ever he is. Muwahaha!.

    My latest body modification was an intricate piercing of my ear cartilage done elsewhere but Andy was happy to help. It had been almost two weeks and the cartilage piercing finally started to ooze a bit. I knew I messed it up. All of my money and pain down the pisser, right? Not quite according to Andy. When I arrived just after 11 (which is an hour before closing) he was busy with some clients, but when I heard him talking to them through the procedure and giving them very thorough aftercare instructions I though I might have found the right place. He tells me what he would have done differently and what other jewelry options I could have had with my piercing so it would heal faster, say 8 weeks instead of 8 months faster. He even tells me of previous mishaps with his own piercings like we were exchanging war stories. Talking with me made feel reassured about my self-care regime.

    Last week I ended up going to another place within a few miles and the person who helped me was very nice to me, but he was very young and he rushed our meeting quite a bit. He seemed to want to help, but Andy knows his stuff and takes his time explaining things.

    As for the facility, Atomic, the cleanliness seemed on par, but I didn't inspect much. They had a large piercing selection; I really liked the couple of wooden pieces they have. They have a boutique section that sells expensive but beautiful purses. There wasn't much room for sitting but there was so much to look at you're up and about anyway. The general atmosphere was warm and vibrant much like the coats of paint on the wall and the neon signs outside.

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