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    Cleanest tattoo shop ive ever been in friendly ac clean bathroom good equipment apprentice named jay is legit

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    I went on yelp to look for a place to get my friend and i matching tattoos. I saw Blindside tattoos with really good ratings. I decided to call and go in thinking what i wanted to get would come out amazng. . . I did exactly what i was told to do,i bought their raps, i even looked online on what to do so my tattoo could heal perfectly. When it came down for my tattoo to peal. . . It looked like a 3 year old colored on my foot. There are multiple places where the ink should of been where its not. I kept calling to get my money back. The person on the phone was short, NOT helping me at all on what i wanted. Not taking in to consideration that it is on my foot not theirs so i demand my money back. They would not give me their boss's name or anything then they decided to be rude to someone who is concerned they are going to live with a fucked up tattoo that they said they could do but didn't. The person who did my tattoo: Redd, got up from my tattoo which was still in the middle of doing to talk to his friends and see an object which had nothing to do with my tattoo. Kept looking at the time like he had somewhere to go. I advise everyone to look somewhere else. You will regret coming here. It was a disappointment and a waste of time and money that i will not get back due to their mess ups.

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    Last week I had a fever.  A fever that would not subside until I got some *more* ink.  Yes, call me crazy, but I had a week of getting THREE tattoos done in less than 7 days.  No, it was not a mission or a bucket list thing to do, I just wanted some quality good artwork on my body.  

    I walked in, on a Friday afternoon, to find Blindside artist, Redd, available to cure me of this fever of wanting/needing more ink on my body.  He was very helpful in that he talked with me about my idea of getting a really colorful and bright calavera (sugar skull) on my tricep. He drew up what he thought would look best, I allowed him to pick the colors, and within an hour I was laying down and getting the work done.

    Redd is very professional, clean, and honest.  He will not do any work on you if he thinks it will not look good, suite you, and/or the design is not up to his standards. He is very nice about making suggestions and is open with his communication as you get your work done.  

    The shop, overall, is clean and cold. Any shop that is hot or uncomfortable I urge you to leave it now and head to Blindside Tattoo.  Also, they are recognized as BBB (Better Business Bureau).

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