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    I am writing this review for the laser removal side of this business.

    I am very pleased with my results even after 2 sessions. I have been to 2 other tattoo removal places outside of Texas, so I have some experience.

    Tattoo removal is painful, get over it. When they use creams and or ice this will compromise the removal process (I have learned this online).

    I feel like Austin Dermagraphix is an honest, knowledgeable company that provides and good service at a great price. Hopefully I will never get a awful tattoo and have to use them again....

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    I have all kinds of tattoos. Some big, some small. Some done in basements, others done in very high end studios. I am no stranger to getting tattoos done.

    I got a groupon here (yeah, a groupon for a tattoo... mistake #1). I brought in the design I wanted, the artist drew it up, it looked great. When we put the stencil on, the placement was perfect! I was excited. I went out for a smoke, came in, sat down and... oh crap... it was upside down! Derp. Honest mistake as the tattoo works both ways. He fixes the upside down issue, but there was still some outline showing from the first application. This has never ever been an issue for me before, until now.

    My paisley design looks like nothing I have ever seen before, in a bad way. The art I brought in was very clear as to what paisley looks like. It can vary, but there are rules to paisley... it's not just designed all willy-nilly. Because of the stencil sitution and probably the inexperience of the artist, it looks like I have a tribute to weirdly colored chicken drumsticks on my arm. Since he was more or less freehanding it (not following the stencil because it was two images on top of each other and a bit confusing), it's not like I could stop him before it was finished. The way some of the dotting was done makes it look like I have some weird infection or something.

    I do get a lot of compliments on my tattoo by people who have no idea what the difference is between a good and bad tattoo. My friends who are in the industry make fun of me. Oh well, you live and learn. Luckily it's a small piece and can be fixed by a more professional studio.

    As for the studio, it wasn't very clean, but I am spoiled. My hometown spot is all glass & stainless steel so when I see wood surfaces, I cringe a bit. It wasn't unsanitary looking, just dusty. My tattoo healed fine. He gave me some aftercare instructions that sounded like the complete opposite of what I've been told, so I just did my own thing and it healed very well.

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    I've had several laser treatments on an unfortunate tattoo of my 'baby daddy's' name I got when I was a very bright 20 year old. Thank GOD it's almost gone. Unfortunately no thanks to this place...

    I got a living social deal for tattoo removal here. The deal was for 3 sessions but I only went to the first and asked for a refund from living social. (Didn't get it btw) I didn't feel like the technician knew what she was doing. It was entirely too painful compared to the other times I've had it done and she only zapped me maybe 10 times or so, so it didn't even lift any ink.

    There was another deal from them today under a new name. (Was Austin Dermagraphix, now Austin Laser Tattoo removal clinic) I was almost fooled until I looked at the address! Maybe she's gotten better with time but I'm not chancing it.

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