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    Well if you go, I'd see Gill for piercings, or Karen from before.  There is another guy who didn't take the time to say the lip ring I got was too small, nor would he change it - just said it would "settle" though it was already healed.  I was scooted out of the door, so I came back the next day.  Didn't like that too much, so giving a blah on the update.
    Jarrett did a great job on my tattoo, it's been more than a year and I still get compliments because the color is so bright on it.:)
    But, his aftercare instructions were wrong.  Remember to remove the initial plastic wrap bandage thing usually put on, wash with dial(antibacterial) soap, and moisturize it with something that is non-alcohol,(aka lubriderm sensitive).  Some gels create scars&remove color, avoid those.  If your skin weeps a lot, cover with something that allows the tattoo to breathe, or leave it bare.

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    I really wanted to rate this place high, but I just can't because of all of the little things.

    So you walk upstairs to this slightly intimidating store on the drag, tattoos downstairs, piercings upstairs. And you meet the one piercer upstairs.

    So I was clueless about everything, only getting my lobes done at Claire's and I went in on a whim to get my helix pierced. I bought in my friends who recommended Diablo to help me out and give moral support. Again, I was clueless, and Mike (piercer) asked me what I wanted to get done, and he pointed me in the direction of the earrings I could choose. They had about 100 studs I could choose from, including gold, but I went with a titanium stud with cz. Usually I can only wear gold earrings, but I've been doing well so far.

    Picked out my jewelry, signed a waiver, and I was ready to go, BUT another lady comes in and wants to change her nose stud. So it's cool that you can buy jewelry there and they put in in for free, but what was not cool was I was there first so I expected to get my piercing done before the other lady got her stud changed out, but that's not what happened. He changed her stud out, and I waited about 10-15 minutes extra -- anxiety building up. -1 star.

    Finally my turn. I was ushered into the piercing room and my friend were allowed in to watch. Told me to take deep breaths and before I knew it I was done -- minimal pain. And Mike changed his gloves several times, allowed me to adjust the mark of where my piercing was going to be, and he was super friendly.

    So stud in and I go to pay. I was expecting aftercare instructions so I asked Mike and he handed me this brochure, and I was like... that's it!? Being a total n00b I was expecting more verbal instructions, like do this, do that, not that. -1 star.

    I told my friends this and they said he should have given me a bag of salt to use to care for my piercing. I asked him for it and he said "I totally forgot." I also had to ask him how to explain what to do with it. -1 star.

    I was in a rush to catch my bus, and after waiting for the other lady to get her stud changed I just didn't have time to ask more questions. Praise god I have friends who are addicted to piercings and can help me out.

    Mike was friendly. The whole process was super sanitary. My piercing is barely noticeable, looks fantastic. But a few things just could not be overlooked from a safety and customer service stand point. If you know what you want and everything else go here. I'm sad to be giving such a low rating.

    Piercing - $35
    Jewlery - $35

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    Went here for my first ever tattoo 2 years ago.  I did what I thought was enough research.  Now I know better. I agree with "Pookey E." DO NOT get tattooed by a kid named Austin!  My tattoo has a "blowout" just like hers that was caused by an inexperienced artist.

    I originally walked in, showed an older gentleman who worked there and looked like he was in charge what I wanted, gave him $60 to hold my appointment for a week later, and when I showed up for our appointment, he wasn't there, and was nowhere to be found by the one kid holding down the fort. (Red flag!)  Because I had psyched myself up so much to finally get the tattoo, I agreed to have the kid (Austin) who I had never met tattoo me.  It is 2x the size of what I originally wanted with shaky line-work and poor spacing.  I am now getting it re-worked and slightly covered up by a wonderful artist across town who told me I should have known better... Long story short, there are much better ARTISTS in this town who aren't looking to take your money and who will actually work WITH you to give you what you want, instead of pressing their views in place of your ideas.

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