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    Yeah, it seems pointless to add my 5 stars to this long list, BUT I would be a crappy person if I received such good service and did NOT yelp about it. So....

    I loved everything about this place. My mom and a girlfriend brought me to get my nose pierced for my 28th birthday. It's a two level business space and the downstairs is mostly cases of gorgeous jewelry. All of a sudden I wanted 6 more things pierced so I would have a place to put it all. In my head I was thinking, "Can I also get my ears double pierced for these earrings. And triple pierced for theeeese earrings. Whatever needs to be pierced for this swirly jewelry- That's cool. . ." I stuck with the one piercing I went in for, but it was tempting. Danae helped and pierced me and she was awesome. She had an inventory of everything on an iPad and figured out how much each piece of jewelry would be with tax, the piercing fee, etc., so we knew EXACTLY what we were shopping for. She was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything thoroughly and answer any questions we had. Their jewelry is really quality stuff.

    Once I picked out my jewelry she brought us upstairs to a private area where I got pierced. She put all of the equipment in a hospital-esque magic sterilizing machine while she explained the piercing process and aftercare instructions. Again, she was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. She used her expertise to mark the perfect spot on my nose, which I was totally comfortable letting her do. The actual piercing was a surprise to me. I haven't had many piercings. I don't know what I expected. Someone to use a dinky gun like they used at Claire's to pierce my ears, putting it on my nostril, and shooting me in the face with it? She swabbed my nose inside and out with soap, which was probably the most uncomfortable part of the whole process. I laid down on a table and taped to the ceiling was a note, "Everything is going to be ok." That made me laugh. She put a little sheet on my face with a hole cut out for my nose like she was going to do actual surgery. She told me to take 3 deep breaths. On the 3rd exhale there was a little prick, like getting a little shot at the doctor's office. The needle was in, but she wasn't finished, so naturally I had to sneeze the biggest sneeze I've ever had. I held it in so hard that my eyes watered. She did everything by hand, as opposed to by gun, and I was shocked at how much it did not hurt. She was so gentle, it was amazing. It only took a few minutes, I finally sneezed, and I was good to go! She asked me to go back in a month so she can look at it and make sure it's healing properly. It's been a week and I've had no problems or even any soreness. Everyone loves it and my husband says it looks like I've had it forever. I'm so happy with my experience here. I'm only angry at myself for not getting my nose pierced sooner! I will never go anywhere else for new piercings OR jewelry ever again. This business definitely deserves its 5 stars. Thanks guys! :)

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    My wife has wanted her nipples pierced for a long time but was always too nervous. This place was amazing... Super clean, very stylish. Both of us were very impressed by Danae and how informative she was regarding the piercing process. We'll definitely go back if either of us ever need another piercing.

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    I can't say anything that hasn't been said, I just want to add my kudos to the top of the pile!

    First of all, we got GREAT service even before we went in. My girlfriend is new to Austin and wanted something new to "mark" the occasion. She called twice and the phone just rang, I think it was near lunch. She did not leave a message. A couple hours later someone from the shop saw her missed calls and called her back.
    Now THAT is service!

    When we arrived we were greeted warmly. She said she had an appointment and they got started right away, no wasted time! Once Pineapple looked at her ears (she wanted a daith piercing) he suggested appropriate jewelry and we walked upstairs to the piercing room.

    He explained the entire procedure and completed the autoclave sterilization right there in front of us, which was awesome. Too many times you go to a shop and they SAY stuff is sterilized...but how do you know for sure? Pineapple makes sure you know he's safe, and that's REALLY important.

    The actual piercing itself took around 45 seconds. The jewelry they selected for her ear fit perfectly, and the angle was *just right*.

    Overall, a pretty great experience!

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