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    Review from my wife:

    "I recently started a relationship with Triple Crown and Joey Ortega through the advice of my sister who was getting more work done on a sleeve she has. She went in for an appointment at the beginning of August when she was visiting Austin, and my Mother and I followed along since we both wanted work done. My sister and my Mom set up appointments for the next day with Joey, and since I live in town, the can was kicked down the road for my work.

    I brought them to the shop the following day and left them with my $100 deposit since Joey was at least an hour late to the appointment, and I had other family in town. My sister's work is great, and in her style. I was excited to get the ball rolling on my own side tattoo that would also be a cover-up job. After my sister left town, it was next to impossible to get Joey to respond to any of my texts or prompts to see what he had worked on for me so far. I got a lot of "It's a process" responses, or "I'm really busy".

    As someone who is doing a cover-up of an old tattoo, I'm not in the business of dealing with someone who can't fit me into their schedule. So at the end of September I (very politely) asked for my deposit back since I had not yet seen any sketches or really heard anything other than excuses. I was told (without seeing any sketch) that he could fit me in to get tattooed that same week! In no way did I want to have ink placed on my body before seeing the artwork. If Joey could have produced anything for me in the way of a sketch, I'd be telling a different story.

    In retrospect, I never should have given the deposit without speaking to him that second day. He was late to both appointments that my sister had, and he likes her! Maybe I'm not his typical clientele, but he certainly did not treat me fairly. Busy is one thing, but he was just rude. And, I still want my $100 deposit back. I never saw any work done. The only time he offered to "squeeze" me in, was after I had already asked for the deposit back. I don't want to be rushed into getting another tattoo that I don't like.

    This review is happening only after multiple attempts to get Joey to talk on the phone and on text with me. I have no other means of contact with a person who took my money and then ignored me. You can really only beg someone to talk honestly with you for so long before you get pissed. "

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    I had a great experience at Triple Crown Tattoo.  It was my very first tattoo and I went in extremely unprepared because that's the type of stupid person I am.  Ezra is amazing.  He made me feel completely at ease, and he took my vague description of what I wanted (a seagull loteria card) and gave me exactly what I wanted.  It's like he peeked inside my brain or something.  HE CAN READ MINDS.

    It is clear that Ezra is a true professional.  He is extremely proficient, a wonderful artist, and an excellent conversationalist.  He is also very accommodating. The price was extremely reasonable, and everyone in the shop was very friendly.  Triple Crown has a great atmosphere, and I am glad I got to listen to Motorhead while getting my first tattoo.  I already have ideas for my next one.

    I highly recommend Triple Crown Tattoo Parlour, especially Ezra, to anyone looking to get a unique, colorful, and well executed tattoo. Make sure you bring cash!

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    If you're looking for a trustworthy, hygienic tattoo parlour with an awesome attitude, don't pass Triple Crown by. This place is definitely worth your time and your money. I came there to get tattooed by Annie Alonzi last week, and I'm extremely happy with the result. It was a Thursday afternoon and she was alone, so the place was nice and quiet. The whole experience of being there, listening to my favorite music and chatting with Annie while getting tattooed by her has made me a faithful customer. The shop is clean, full of awesome flash, art and taxidermy on the wall.

    I will definitely recommend Triple Crown to everyone. I can't speak for the rest of the team (yet), but Annie stole my heart with her personality and her amazing drawing and tattooing skills, and I have no doubt the other artists are just as charming. I'll be back!

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