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    I got a beautiful tattoo from Katzen tonight.
    If it were only Katzen I was reviewing, I would give 5 stars...but...
    THE PARKING LOT IS CRAP. So, I take away one star.

    Ignore what the building looks like on the outside, and deal with the parking. You'll be glad you did.

    The inside is a clean, professional, sterile tattoo shop. They have comfy tat chairs.

    Katzen was able to take my basic idea and fit it into my price range and create a lovely tattoo I am always going to love.

    I would definitely send my friends here.

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    I went in yesterday to get a helix piercing and to accompany my friend who was getting a tattoo. Everyone was very professional and friendly. Drew, who did my piercing, was AWESOME! He talked me through the entire process and was very gentle with the needle and cleaning. Definitely going back if I ever want another piercing or a tattoo.

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    I went in there to get my belly pierced. I mostly went in for the cheap prices and I heard fair reviews. The service was fast and there were not as many people as I expected there to be on a Sunday. The place was average, clean. The guy at the front desk was really nice but my piercer was a bit quiet. I tried to ask some questions but he was a bit vague. This did worry me but he was actually very efficient with my piercing. It never has gotten infected and healed pretty fast. He pierced it right and i don't regret getting it there.

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