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    The shop is clean and warm and friendly, very inviting, and Zach was just amazing. I'll be getting all future tattoos from him, without a second's doubt. I had a rough idea of what I wanted, and a photo of the general style, and he drew something that was even more beautiful than I dreamed. He was gentle and concerned for my comfort, and such a nice person to talk to for three hours. On top of his true skill and talent as an artist, and a tattooist, he's just such a decent, nice guy. When he finished, I was blown away -- the tattoo exceeded my dreams, and I just could not be happier.

    No scabs. Excellent healing. Zero regrets about anything, just eagerness to go back to him when I'm ready for the next one.

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    I got my first tattoo from Paco after years of my friends being tattooed by him. Paco does a fantastic job of creating a composite out of any artwork you bring to him. I've now got 4 tattoos from Paco and I will continue to get all of my work done by him. All of his tattoos are beautiful works of art. As a side note, the shop has been very nicely remodeled and gives the overall environment inside a very professional look. Couldn't ask for more.

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    Paco is THE BEST!  He is professional, patient and very encouraging.  He worked with us for a long time on the drawing and sizing to make sure we (I went with a friend and we both got our first tattoos together) got exactly what we wanted.  His work is beautiful and we are both extremely pleased.  We were both only getting very small wrist tattoos and were both a little nervous at first, but he didn't treat us differently because we were getting smaller (cheaper) work done.  Paco's charming demeanor put us at ease, from making sure we were comfortable, to making sure the music was to our liking, to encouraging us to let him know if we needed to stop for a minute (we didn't.). The shop is also very clean and inviting and our healing is going very well (it's been 9 days.). I cannot recommend Paco and Electric 13 highly enough.  Outstanding.  I'm already planning tat #2 and will DEFINITELY be back to have Paco do it.

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